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The Deposition Prep Playbook: Up to Date Deposition Preparation Guide for your Providers

  • Location: Webinar , CA
  • Time: July 16th, 2020 12:00pm - 1:15pm
  • Description:

    FREE Event to both CAMSS and Non-CAMSS Members!

    Presenter/Speaker:  Scott D. Buchholz Esq., Partner, Dummit, Buchholz & Trapp

    Learning Objectives

    1. Restate the importance of a deposition in litigation and the method for successful health care provider preparation for deposition, trial or other legal proceedings.
    2. Analyze certain areas of questioning so as to be able to prepare witnesses for responses to avoid “back door” expert testimony as well as how to prepare witnesses for deposition in the digital/video age
    3. Define best practices used to prepare clinician witnesses for litigation or other testimony

    Summary of Program

    Medical staff directors are often tasked with assistance with legal proceedings involving healthcare providers.  This presentation will provide analysis of the importance of deposition testimony and strategies to assist with the preparation of health care providers for deposition and legal testimony.   Strategies for responding to questions related to patient advocacy, a provider’s expectations, EMR as well as questions derived from the well-publicized “Reptile Strategy” will be discussed.    Also, the session shall discuss how the deposition preparation instructions must include consideration of the visual presentation of the witness as well as his/her verbal presentation.

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