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CAMSS 2021 Virtual Forum

  • Location: Virtual - More details to come , CA
  • Time: June 1st, 2021 12:00pm - 1:30pm
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    Please join us every Tuesday and Thursday from June 1st through July 15th for our virtual sessions for this year’s 50th Anniversary CAMSS Education Forum.


    When you register for this Virtual Educational Forum, you will have access to the following:

    • 16 Educational Sessions (each session is 1.5 hours). That’s right….16 sessions x 1.5 hours = 24 hours of education! 
    • Virtual Business Luncheon on June 2, 2021
    • If you are unable to attend one of the sessions….Don’t worry…We’ve got you covered! The sessions will be recorded and registered attendees will have access to watch the records for a limited time after the conclusion of all programs.
    • Meet with vendors prior to each session.  Learn about their products and enter into their raffles.
    • Raffles

    Below you will find a listing of the sessions that will be offered. By registering for the Virtual Educational Forum, you will be able to access the sessions each week from June through Mid-July.  The sessions will be live; however, if you are unable to attend the live session, recordings will be made available to registered attendees for a limited time after the conclusion of all programs. More details to follow regarding specific session dates, as well as the Virtual Platform that will be utilized.

    ** Registration will remian open until the end of June as previous sessions will be available via recordings on our Virtual Forum site. Payment for new registrations must be via credit card as payment by check is no longer available for registrations made after June 4th. Once registered, your link to our Virtual Forum site will be sent to you via email withing 48-72 hours.**

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    “Medical Staff Documentation Best Practices”
    Presented by: Rebecca Hoyes JD & Cynthia Rodriguez, JD

    Drafting and maintaining medical staff documents, such as committee minutes, is a crucial skill in which all medical staff professionals should be proficient. It requires careful attention to detail, particularly since these documents may be subject to scrutiny in a future peer review hearing or litigation. Learn from a legal standpoint what should (and should not be) included in these important documents and how to draft language addressing complex peer review issues.
    Target Audience: New MSP’s Seasoned MSP’s Medical Staff Leaders

    “MSP’s and Stress – What do they have in common?”
    Presented by: Cris Mobley, CPCS, CPMSM

    “I’m so stressed” is a common theme in our profession. What does that mean, and are you o.k. with living with the status quo? If not, let’s talk about causes and symptoms and what to do about it.  Often, it’s a switch from “working harder” to “working smarter.”  We all need a “happy place” to go any time of the day or evening – what’s yours? And what foods can decrease the stress in your life (no spinach, we promise)! And just so you’re relaxed at the end of the session, how about a little chair yoga?
    Target Audience: New MSP’s Seasoned MSP’s

    “Racing to the Finish Line”
    Presented by: Donna Goestenkors, CPMSM, EMSP & Rachelle Silva, BS, CPCS, CPMSM

    Delegated credentialing streamlines processes, but the delegator remains responsible for ensuring the delegated work remains compliant with the regulatory and accreditation standards. Join Team Med Global’s Donna Goestenkors, CPMSM, EMSP, and Rachelle Silva, BS, CPCS, CPMSM, and learn winning negotiation tactics (are the responsibilities being negotiated?), accepted auditing standards and practices, and keys to relationship management.
    Target Audience: New MSP’s Seasoned MSP’s Medical Staff Leaders Administrative Leaders

    “Ramping Up Payer Enrollment: Meeting You Where You Are”
    Presented by: Donna Goestenkors, CPMSM, EMSP & Larry DeHoyes, CPCS, PESC

    Timely payer enrollment is critical to an organization’s revenue stream, but those new to payer enrollment may feel lost while veterans of payer enrollment need to see around the bend. Join Team Med Global’s Donna Goestenkors, CPMSM, EMSP, and Larry DeHoyos, CPCS, PESC, as they cover both payer enrollment basics and best practices.
    Target Audience: New MSP’s Seasoned MSP’s Administrative Leaders

    “2021 Legal Update: An MSP Rocket Primer”
    Presented by: Jennifer Hansen, Esq. & Katherine M. Dru, Esq.

    Amidst the day-to-day madness of running a medical staff office during a pandemic, staying up-to-speed on legal and regulatory developments may have taken a back seat. Do not fret: this session will ensure no one is the wiser! Among other developments, we will discuss the regulations implementing AB 890 (NP independent practice); the status of pandemic-related changes to scopes of practice and licensing rules; update on Business & Professions Code Section 805.8 reporting; and the practical implications of Chaudhry v. Angell, Alborzi v. USC, and Natarajan v. Dignity Health.
    Target Audience: New MSP’s Seasoned MSP’s Medical Staff Leaders Administrative Leaders

    “Politely Saying “You’re on Mute” Every 5 Minutes and Other Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic”
    Presented by: Alicia Macklin, JD, MPH & Andrea Frey, JD, MPH

    From the outset, MSPs have had to navigate the complex crush of legal and compliance challenges due to COVID-19. Many of these issues (and the potential threat of other widespread infectious diseases) will continue to impact the healthcare industry in the years to come as governmental agencies continue to respond to the reality of global health crises. This discussion will review “lessons learned” and provide practical guidance for improving MSPs’ future emergency preparedness.
    Target Audience: New MSP’s Seasoned MSP’s Medical Staff Leaders Administrative Leaders

    “Addressing Common Misconceptions (aka “I do not think it means what you think it means”)”
    Presented by: Ruby Wood, JD & Sansan Lin, JD

    Medical staff professionals are faced with common factual scenarios that benefit from early identification and knowledge of applicable legal principles. This session will discuss basic misconceptions about what is (and is not) the appropriate course of action with regard to a variety of Medical Staff topics, including the impact of exclusive contracting on privileging, confidentiality protections under Evidence Code Section 1157, composition and authority of peer review committees, behavioral agreements, and hearing officer selection.
    Target Audience: New MSP’s Seasoned MSP’s Medical Staff Leaders Administrative Leaders

    “Navigating Sexual Misconduct/Harassment Allegations: Key Considerations for Medical Staffs”
    Presented by: Ruby Wood, JD, Emily Brinkman, JD & Catherine Wicker, JD, MPH

    There is an increased focus on implementing processes that balance fairness, sensitivity, confidentiality, and accountability when addressing allegations of sexual misconduct. A basic understanding of the rights and responsibilities of the individuals involved is critical to conducting a thorough and competent investigation of such complaints. This session will discuss some of the legal concerns and practical pointers necessary to help MSPs navigate the complex issues innate to these circumstances.
    Target Audience: New MSP’s Seasoned MSP’s Medical Staff Leaders Administrative Leaders

    “Difficult Affiliation Letters: How to Respond to Requests About Physicians Who are Under Scrutiny”
    Presented by: Lowell Brown, Esq. & Annie Lee, Esq.

    In this presentation, we will discuss a step-by-step process for responding to affiliation verification requests regarding a practitioner who is under Medical Staff scrutiny.  For example, what if the practitioner is currently under investigation? Undergoing an FPPE? Summarily suspended or restricted?  We’ll also briefly remind you of legal protections for responding to these types of requests, and we’ll break down the peer review information sharing statute.  We will discuss how to determine whether the authorization/release provided in the request is adequate and whether the Medical Staff should enter into a peer review information-sharing agreement before providing a response. We will also discuss how to handle pressures from other sources to respond to the forms in a certain way and the legal liability surrounding such pressures.
    Target Audience: New MSP’s Seasoned MSP’s Medical Staff Leaders Administrative Leaders

    “Responding to Concerns of Medical Staff Member Substance Abuse and Diversion”
    Presented by: Lori Ferguson, JD, Glenda Zarbock, JD, Jillian Somers Donavan, JD & Ann Mary Olson, JD

    In this session, we will discuss issues that arise when a member of the Medical Staff is suspected of substance abuse and/or drug diversion. We will identify some options and best practices for an immediate response to concerns of substance abuse as well as options for conducting a formal Medical Staff investigation regarding suspected drug diversion and/or physical impairment due to substance abuse. We will also identify various mandatory reporting obligations that may arise if drug diversion and/or impairment due to substance abuse is confirmed. While every situation is unique, we will identify a variety of options for Medical Staff leadership to consider employing in response to findings of substance abuse and/or drug diversion on the part of a member. These responses may include rehabilitative efforts as well as corrective action. Finally, we will present some options for how Medical Staff leadership may respond to a request from a member to return from a leave of absence or other breaks from practice taken to address substance abuse.
    Target Audience: New MSP’s Seasoned MSP’s Medical Staff Leaders Administrative Leaders

    “Changes to Physician Assistant Practice Agreement Requirements: What You Need to Know to Ensure Yours is Up to Date”
    Presented by: Glenda Zarbock, JD & Ann Mary Olson, JD

    In this session, we will discuss recent changes to the legal requirements for physician assistant practice agreements. The session will cover the requirements that were added in 2020 as well as those that were once required but are now optional, and explore whether your organization may want to retain some of those requirements even though they're no longer legally mandated. We will talk through the questions a Medical Staff must answer and decisions that must be made to develop new practice agreements that comply with these updated requirements. And we will discuss challenges that Medical Staff's may face along the way, such as how to harmonize physician assistant practice agreements with rules, regulations, and bylaws. Finally, we will address the impact of the federal Conditions of Participation and Joint Commission standards.
    Target Audience: New MSP’s Seasoned MSP’s Medical Staff Leaders Administrative Leaders

    “Developing a Late Career Practitioner Policy”
    Presented by: Glenda Zarbock, JD & Lori Ferguson, JD

    In this session, we will discuss the development and implementation of a late-career practitioner policy, by which Medical Staffs may require practitioners beyond a certain age to undergo medical and cognitive evaluations as a component of the credentialing process. The session will cover the various rationales for adopting such a policy and the advantages of implementing this type of policy instead of relying on practitioners to self-report potential health concerns or other means of identifying possible impairments. We will talk about the key variables to consider in drafting a late-career physician policy and the pros and cons of each approach. And we will discuss challenges the Medical Staffs may confront in adopting this type of policy and strategies for anticipating and addressing concerns raised by Medical Staff members. Finally, we will explore the status of a pending legal challenge to a late-career practitioner policy implemented at Yale-New Haven Medical Center and the extent to which that lawsuit is relevant in California.
    Target Audience: New MSP’s Seasoned MSP’s Medical Staff Leaders Administrative Leaders

    “Hiding in Plain Sight 2021”
    Presented by: Erin Muellenberg, JD, CPMSM

    A physician on your medical staff is arrested, indicted for a crime, or becomes the subject of a lawsuit or potentially a class action.  That same physician is the cause for government scrutiny and multiple potential actions that will impact the organization's future.   This session will focus on a review of physician actions in the last 12 months, an update of those from prior years, and a discussion of active steps you can take to be on the alert and avoid your organization being in the news.
    Target Audience: New MSP’s Seasoned MSP’s Medical Staff Leaders Administrative Leaders

    “Multi-Level Critical Analysis of Appointments and Reappointments: Avoiding the One Who Could Slip Through”
    Presented by: Erin Muellenberg, JD, CPMSM

    This course will reinforce the uniform obligation for multi-level critical analysis of the initial application, the reapplication, and privileges request.    In addition to a first-level review, we can train others at different levels when to question and stop a file.   Orientation of the Credentials Committee and the departments to the files are a must.   Is there a template for each level of review?   Have you clearly defined a “clean file”?   Does your CVO have clear instructions on when to bring a file to your attention?   Have you reviewed your attestation questions?   Are they clear and concise?   If automated, is there a continuous warning regarding the consequences of misrepresentations?  The multi-level review process is designed to catch problems before they occur but it only works if each level of review conducts a critical analysis of the files and responds accordingly.
    Target Audience: New MSP’s Seasoned MSP’s Medical Staff Leaders Administrative Leaders

    “Videoconference Judicial Review Hearings”
    Presented by: Rick Barton, JD

    **  In addition to the sessions described above, all registered attendees are invited to attend the Virtual  Business Lunch, scheduled for Wednesday, June 2, 2021, where you will hear the latest updates from the CAMSS Board, results of the election for the 2021-2023 Board of Directors, an update from the NAMSS DAL Beth Miller and other exciting news from our generous sponsors and vendors. 

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