Medical Staff Coordinator, Rideout Health, Marysville, CA

Posted on October 10th, 2018


RESPONSIBLE TO:    Director of Medical Staff Services

RESPONSIBLE FOR:    Medical Staff Services responsibilities as assigned

EXEMPTION STATUS:    This position is non-exempt 

KNOWLEDGE:    Minimum high school or GED equivalent education required.


  • Knowledge of medical credentialing and privileging procedures and standards.
  • Knowledge of related accreditation and certification requirements.
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to analyze, interpret and draw inferences from research findings and prepare reports.
  • Working knowledge of clinical and/or hospital operations and procedures.
  • Informational research skills.
  • Ability to use independent judgment to manage and impart confidential information.
  • Database management skills including querying, reporting and document generation.                           


  • Possess experience in physician and allied health credentialing.
  • Possess a working knowledge of ECHO credentialing software; strong computer skills.
  • Successfully performs administrative responsibilities assigned to this position. 
  • A minimum 3-5 years of experience in the field of  Medical Staff Services.

LICENSE:    CPCS certification preferred.


Provides support for all assigned administrative functions and duties related to Medical Staff Services.   


1.    Performs supportive functions and related duties for the Medical Staff Office as assigned; fulfills all aspects of credentialing and privileging processes independently.
2.    Accepts, analyzes and processes initial applications and reapplications, medical and allied health staff electronically and manually.
3.    Processes requests for appointment/reappointment/reappraisal, temporary privileges, modification of privileges, change in status and advancements according to established procedure.
4.    Prepares applications/reapplications for committee review.
5.    Completes primary source verification and initiates any follow-up correspondence within specified time lines, queries online verifications.
6.    Utilizes knowledge of medical staff bylaws, rules and regulations, national standards and regulatory requirements to assure application qualifications for membership and privileges at Rideout Hospital.
7.    Completes necessary contacts toward completed applications/reapplications.
8.    Maintains and updates electronic credentialing documents, updates and maintains an adequate inventory of hard copy application/reapplication packets; personalizes, mails and records receipt of applications/reapplications.
9.    Completes primary source verifications and initiates any follow-up correspondence within specified time limits, queries such entities as the NPDB, Medical Board of CA, DEA, OIG, EPLS, background checks.
10.    Communicates suspect or adverse information to Director and medical staff leadership when variances are identified.
11.    Prompts and coordinates transmission of practitioner activity data and peer review information.
12.    Prepares credentialing summaries, review forms and credentials files for review, prompts department chair review schedules applicant interviews as needed.
13.    Prepares applications for Interdisciplinary Practice Committee and Credentials Committee.
14.    Ensures that the applications/reapplications are properly endorsed.
15.    Prepares status reports as requested.
16.    Maintains efficient logs and tickler systems to prompt timely processing of temporary privileges, applications and advancement processes.
17.    Communicates suspect or adverse information, confers with medical staff leadership when variances are identified. 
18.    Prepares and disseminates letters to applicants announcing board actions.
19.    Provides administrative support for committee and department meetings as assigned.
20.    Provides administrative support for preparing and distributing agendas, minutes and follow-up materials associated with the department/committee meetings as assigned.
21.    Coordinates room reservations, setup including catering and audiovisual equipment as requested as assigned.
22.    Assembles and distributes meeting materials as assigned.
23.    Possesses the ability to accurately records attendances, business and actions, prepares minutes per established timelines as assigned.
24.    Relays actions and/or instruction to appropriate personnel as assigned.
25.    Initiates follow-up as directed by committee or department action as assigned.
26.    Maintains minutes and attendance records as assigned.
27.    Maintains accuracy and integrity of credentials files, Filing systems and databases.
28.    Performs general office functions (reception, phones, office coverage, supplies, correspondence and other tasks) as assigned.
29.    Pickup and distribute incoming and outgoing mail on a daily basis.
30.    Provides assistance and administrative support to Director and medical staff leaders as needed.
31.    Assists with orderly upkeep and continuous improvement of Medical Staff Service Operations.
32.    Assists with assessment of supplies inventory, prepared acknowledgments as requested, prepares compliance reports as requested.
33.    Receives and welcomes guest to office, provides assistance with their needs and requests.
34.    Provides assistance and administrative support to Director and medical staff leaders as needed.
35.    Assists with the development/efficiency of office procedure.
36.    Assures that on-call schedules are completed in a timely manner and revised when indicated when requested.
37.    Prepares drafts, distributes and revises monthly on-call schedules when requested.
38.    Contacts physicians and medical staff leaders to fill open date when requested.
39.    Maintains documentation and records of on-call participation when requested.


1.    Maintains personal responsibility in awareness of federal, state, legal and accrediting regulations.
2.    Knows and upholds hospital and departmental policies.
3.    Contributes to the time management of the department by being punctual to work and prepared to work according to the department and hospital standards.
4.    Appropriate usage of sick leave per hospital policy.
5.    Uses good body mechanics in performing assigned duties and reports injuries in a timely manner.
6.    Promotes a professional image by adhering to established Dress and Grooming Polices of the hospital and the Department.
7.    Maintains confidentiality of all departmental and hospital information according to established procedures.
8.    Maximizes job potential by attending all mandatory education and in-service programs as indicated by attendance records, CEU’s and completes all read and sign information in a timely manner.
9.    Demonstrates an ability to set appropriate priorities, functions in an organized and time conscious manner.
10.    Maintain license and/or certification, specific to their profession.


1.    Recognizes when others are in need of assistance and consistently offers help when own workload permits or finds someone who can.
2.    Interacts in a courteous, positive and professional manner with co-workers, medical staff, patients and visitors to effectively coordinate departmental activities for overall hospital function.
3.    Informs supervisor of activities and changes that affect the operations of the department.
4.    Attentive to others points of view, recognize that their concerns are real and demonstrate capability to encourage two-way communication.
5.    Demonstrates willingness to provide the highest quality service appropriate based on the concept, philosophy and goals and improving organizational performance of the Fremont-Rideout Health Group.

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